Tipping Point Solutions

Cultural Education for U.S. Navy

Organization: Tipping Point Solutions

Position: Cultural Education for U.S. Navy

Pay Range: $20–23 per hour

Tipping Point Solutions is urgently hiring an experienced academic researcher and skilled narrative writer with strong attention to detail to work on a cultural education project for the U.S. Navy.

Hours: 40 per week, flexible hours possible
Location: 100% remote
Contract duration: Nov 1–Jan 31

-Serve as the subject matter expert for cultural and country-specific research.
-Conduct comprehensive scholarly research on a variety of cultural topics, including geography, history, ethnicity, language, religion, cultural norms, national relations, and cultural etiquette.
-Write engaging narrative scripts and concise on-screen text for country-specific training modules.
-Source appropriate and open-source images for use in various educational products.
-Create country-specific job aids, such as etiquette guides.
-Routinely review and edit scripts and training products created by team members.
-Implement internal and client feedback in a timely fashion.
-Manage multiple deliverables and tasks to meet deadlines while working remotely.

How to Apply:
Email your resume and the requested writing sample (info below) to kristen.sweet-mcfarling@tp-solutions.com. I’ll be reviewing resumes as they are received. Planning to hold interviews on Monday, 10/31.

Writing Sample Instructions:
First, choose a country: Greece, Pakistan, or Vietnam. Next, conduct academic research to write original content for 2 of the 3 prompts below.

Audience: Enlisted Sailors of the U.S. Navy; average age 27 years old; high school education
Voice: Informative, professional, concise, engaging, and conversational
Style: APA 7th Edition

Writing Prompts (Choose 2):
1. Identify the ethnic groups that make up the nation. Provide an overview of ethnic relations and cultural diversity in the chosen country. Describe any ethnic distinctions and cultural similarities/differences across the nation’s geographic regions. (Word limit: 200)
2. Identify basic facts about the naval relationship between the selected nation and the U.S., including major naval and combined exercises. Provide a brief snippet about the purpose and affiliation of military exercises discussed. (Word limit: 175)
3. Identify culturally appropriate conversational etiquette for formal and informal settings. Please include culturally specific communication styles, use of honorifics, eye contact, personal space, interactions between genders, and the like. Pinpoint topics of conversation to promote goodwill and intercultural understanding as well as controversial or sensitive ones to avoid. (Word limit: 150)