Summit Historical Society

Office Manager

Organization: Summit Historical Society

Position: Office Manager

Pay Range: $20 – 30/hr

Location: Dillon, CO

Office Manager Duties overview
• Oversee the daily operations of Summit Historical Society. Work with the Board, office employees, contract labor, volunteers and vendors to ensure they work productively and meet deadlines and organization standards.
• Coordinate and work with vendors to ensure needed services are contracted, performed and paid.
• Coordinate programs, education, and events with program and Education Coordinator, Education committee, and volunteers to ensure programs and events are planned, scheduled and executed timely
• Create an office budget and ensure all employees comply with it.
• Ensure regular office hours and compliance with other scheduled openings or events
• Monitor expenses, bills and accounts, affiliations, licenses and other periodic, monthly or annual tasks to ensure compliance
• Report office progress to Director or Acting Director and Board and work with them to improve office operations and procedures and smooth business operations
• Collaborate with Director to ensure smooth operations and good communication

• Counsel any employees or contract labor if there are challenges in their roles