CWAM is here to help by providing technical assistance to our member museums by sharing information and expertise using our membership on a volunteer basis. We will try to provide help in almost any area including:

  • Policy and procedures, documentation, collections data
  • Finding supplies and equipment, specialists, presenters
  • Collections management, storage, exhibition, marketing, fund-raising
  • Creating long-term plans for collections development, conservation, disaster planning
  • Advice on the general to the specific

Institutional members with a problem requiring expert advice, that need assistance in finding museum supplies and resources, or that need a disaster plan resource list are encouraged to contact the Emergency Preparedness Chair for assistance.

Usually, we can help via e-mail or subsequent telephone consultations. Other issues are best approached through a face-to-face site visit. There are limited funds to cover travel expenses for a volunteer consultant and the team will send the most qualified person we can find from among our members. To request a consultant grant, the interested museum must send a letter of application to the Emergency Preparedness Chair containing a description of the problem (electronic format preferred) for approval.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY OR DISASTER museums should contact the Emergency Preparedness Chair immediately so that CWAM can organize appropriate assistance.

Watch for Emergency Preparedness updates in the CWAM Newsletter. Remember, we are here to help if we can and that you have the experience of the whole CWAM community of museums behind you!

Guides and Resources

CWAM Resource Guide

Ash Cleanup Resources for Museums

CWAM CU Textile Rolling Guide

Recommendations for Civil Disturbance

Environmental Monitoring Kit (EMK)

The EMK can be borrowed by any CWAM member museum for the cost of shipping. The EMK is a small hand held Environmental Monitoring Kit that quickly measures temp, relative humidity and light. The data are downloadable onto your computer from the machine. And… it comes with instructions! Learn more.