Environmental Monitoring Kit (EMK)

The control of UV and visible light, temperature and relative humidity is a vital factor in the preservation of a collection. Inappropriate or fluctuating environmental conditions can cause irreparable damage. To protect your collection, assess your institution today with the CWAM environmental monitoring kit (EMK). The kit contains equipment that measures environmental conditions to assist you with preservation planning. The unit can be used for data logging, and the kit includes software and a USB-infrared adapter for use with your PC.

With a CWAM Environmental Monitoring Kit you can:

  • Measure current conditions in your institution
  • Identify safe parameters for your collection
  • Establish baseline environmental information for preservation planning
  • Collect environmental data to support funding requests
  • Learn about equipment you need to protect your collection

The EMK can be borrowed by any CWAM institutional member for the cost of shipping. The EMK is a small hand held Environmental Monitoring Kit that quickly measures temp, relative humidity, UV and visible light. The data are downloadable onto your computer from the machine. And… it comes with instructions! The kit is available to member institutions for short term loans.

Have questions or want to borrow a kit? Please contact us.