Recommendations for additions to emergency plans for the category of civil disturbance.

  1. Move all collections off the first floor, away from windows, and into interior and locked spaces.
  2. Deinstall galleries and move collections back into secure storage.
  3. Consult with HVAC professionals about potentially shutting down air intake to prevent tear gas and pepper spray from circulating in your building.
  4. Remove all trash and empty all dumpsters near your building to ensure nothing flammable is accessible.
  5. Potentially board up windows and/or reinforce doors.
  6. Call for requests for museum professionals to help move items, etc.
  7. Make sure that any available security equipment like door alarms, motion detectors, and access control devices are in good working condition and monitored.
  8. Monitor Security Camera feeds as possible.
  9. Remind police, firefighters, etc. of the value contained in your buildings and request special attention.
  10. Make notes about what elements of an Emergency plan or Security Plan you are missing so that after this dangerous time passes you can better address an emergency like this.