On-Demand Webinar: Mount-Making for Beginners

This virtual webinar will provide an introductory overview of the process of mount-making for both collections and exhibitions. We will cover the purpose of mount-making, materials, best practices, real world examples, plus lots of tips and tricks for beginners. Participants will gain the knowledge to begin working with archival supplies and start making mounts for a variety of object types. This presentation will be geared toward EMPs, students, interns, or any collections and exhibitions staff looking to learn the basics. It may also be good for those in other departments looking for cross-departmental skills and understanding.

Presenters: Ashley Muggli, Collections Assistant, University of Colorado-Boulder Museum of Natural History; Jesse Dutton-Kenny, Museum Preparator, San Francisco International Airport Museum; Dominique Alhambra, Anthropology Collections Manager, Denver Museum of Nature & Science