About serving on the CWAM Board:

The CWAM Board consists of 11 elected members and a variety of appointed members.

Elected members fill officer positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer), State Rep positions (1 each WY and CO), and Team Leader positions. Elected members have the right and responsibility to vote and are required to attend all board meetings. We hold a total of 5 meetings per year (one takes place at the annual meeting). These meetings rotate between CO and WY. Generally, most board members pay for travel to these meetings on their own (you aren’t alone if your institution can’t/won’t cover all 4 trips). Board members often carpool and share rooms to keep the expense down. Positions and duties on the board vary and are fully described in the Program and Procedures Guide. All elected board members are required to be an individual member of CWAM.  Please note that no more than one person from the staff of the same institution shall be elected to the Board.

How to get involved:

Learn more about Board positions currently open or coming available soon.