The museum community is full of incredible people and initiatives, and each of them deserve a moment in the spotlight! We want to boost all of your hard work and hope this series will serve as a way for all of us to connect and share with each other more!

CWAM Spotlight is a series that will highlight the awesome things that our community members are involved in. This goes beyond promoting new museum jobs and events and focuses on who we are and how we ignite passion and inspiration in each other.

Submissions examples can include:

  • A museum related project or initiative that you want to share or boost.
    • What is it? How is it impacting your organization/community/yourself? Who is involved?
  • A person or group in the museum field who is doing a stellar job and deserves recognition (with a focus on those in Colorado and Wyoming).
  • An object or collection of objects that you want to highlight.
    • Is research being currently done on these collections that you would like to share? Is the object relevant to any current news/events? Do you simply want more people to be aware of its existence?
  • Let us get to know YOU! Networking can be hard and writing an ‘about me’ can be harder. We’ve provided some questions you can start with, but it is not required for you to use them.
    • What is your area of focus? How did you get into the museum field? What is your current position? Are there any projects/initiatives you’re passionate about? What part of your job has surprised you the most? What are your current career goals?

We are also actively looking for suggestions on what other types of spotlights to include. Please email Baylee Hughes ( if you have any suggestions or questions.

Click here to submit a spotlight!