CWAM relies heavily on the volunteers that help govern the organization and help assist during CWAM events such as the annual meeting, workshops, meetups, and advocacy receptions. Please consider supporting the organization by donating some of your time or skills!

Open positions include Vice President, Membership Chair, Wyoming State Representative & Co-Op chair as well as other positions. Certain terms are as short as one year, or if you enjoy the work, stay with us for up to 6 years!

Vice President – Backup for President, update and monitor Policies & Procedures and By-Laws. Two-year term recommended.

Membership – Maintain membership database, administer reminders and member renewals, lead membership drives

Co-Op – Negotiates discount prices from vendors. Works with MPMA to develop co-op list for the year. Distributes information to membership each year.

Wyoming State Rep – Represent CWAM and WY members at MPMA, board member as state rep for MPMA

If you are interested, please submit a short paragraph via CWAM’s contact form.