We look forward to seeing you in Colorado Springs in April 2022. Please check back soon for more details about the conference program and registration.

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As CWAM enters its 50th year of bringing together museum professionals from Wyoming and Colorado, it’s easy to continue charging forward, especially after the challenges of 2020-2021. At this Annual Meeting, we want to encourage everyone to pause, take a breath, and reflect. Many of us were not in our current positions, our current museums, or even born 50 years ago, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from what our museums have done over the past half-century.

Museums 50 years ago were inspiring, exciting, and, in some cases, infuriating. Our predecessors have provided us with building blocks, but also cause for reinvention. At this conference, we invite you to share with your colleagues the many ways your museum has continued to do what works, or how it is unrecognizable from how it was was decades ago. We look forward to paying homage to our museum ancestors while, at the same time, celebrating museum revolutionaries!

Thank you to all the 2021 attendees and vendors!

Most of our sessions are available for viewing online here!

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