Adams County Museum

Museum Receptionist

SALARY: $14.50-$15.50 an hour/average 30 hours a week

JOB DESCRIPTION: Assist with the day-to-day operation of the museum of the Adams County Museum, a nonprofit organization in Brighton, Colorado. Job duties include (but not limited to): greeting visitors to the museum; scheduling tours and conducting tours if needed; answering phone calls; sorting through mail; assisting with bookkeeping duties such as preparing and making deposits for the bank and preparing checks for the treasurer’s signature; scanning and emailing documents; providing refreshments and lunches for volunteers; taking photos and helping with content for quarterly newsletters; folding, addressing and mailing newsletters; light housekeeping; lining up volunteers for open houses and fundraisers; and running errands. Job candidates must have their own vehicle.

HOURS: Most weeks will be 30 hours – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. However, more hours will be required during open houses and fund raisers.

EXPERIENCE: High school diploma required. Experience with emailing, scanning documents, taking digital photographs and customer service required. Experience is preferred, but not required, with bookkeeping and social media posting.

BENEFITS: Salary will be $14.50-$15.50 an hour, depending on experience. No health benefits offered. One paid week of vacation after a year of employment. Federal rate of mileage reimbursement will be given for errands ran for the museum. There will be a 90-day probation period with a review for anyone hired for this position. Please email resumes to with “Receptionist Job” in the subject line. Visit to learn more about our organization!