2015 – 2016 Board

Executive Team
President: Katy Lewis – President@cwam-us.org
Vice President: Katie March – VicePresident@cwam-us.org
Treasurer: Michelle Bahe – Treasurer@cwam-us.org
Secretary: Isabel Tovar – Secretary@cwam-us.org

Administrative Team
Historian/Archivist: Ronda Frazier – Archives@cwam-us.org
Membership ChairAlison Salutz – Membership@cwam-us.org

Annual Meeting Team
Annual Meeting Chair: Britt Scholnick – AnnualMeeting@cwam-us.org
2016 Program Committee Chair: Jessica Brunecky – Programs@cwam-us.org
2016 Local Arrangements: Rick Young – LocalArrangements@cwam-us.org
Scholarships: Meghan Vickers – Scholarships@cwam-us.org

Communications and Marketing Team
Communications and Marketing Team LeaderBrooke Gladstone
Website Chair: Brooke Gladstone – Website@cwam-us.org
Social Media and Marketing Chair: Brooke Gladstone – Marketing@cwam-us.org
E-blast Editor: Kelly Rasmussen – Eblast@cwam-us.org

Advocacy Team
Advocacy Team Leader: Katie March – Advocacy@cwam-us.org
Colorado State Representative: Katie Heidsiek – COstaterep@cwam-us.org
Wyoming State RepresentativeCecil Sanderson – WYstaterep@cwam-us.org
Colorado Tourism and Legislation: Caitlin Barrett – COleg@cwam-us.org
Wyoming Tourism and Legislation: Brian Briggs – WYleg@cwam-us.org

Professional Development Team
Professional Development Team Lead: Nathan Doerr – ProDevelopment@cwam-us.org
Workshop Chair: Nathan Doerr – Workshops@cwam-us.org
Academic Liaison: Valerie Maiers – AcademicLiaison@cwam-us.org
Mentor Program: Bethany Williams – MentorProgram@cwam-us.org
Fellowship Program: Caitlin Mans – Fellowship@cwam-us.org

Services Team
Programs/Services Team Leader: Rebecca Hunt – Services@cwam-us.org
Co-Op/Purchasing Chair: Rachel DeShong – Coop@cwam-us.org
Museum Assistance & Services: Rebecca Hunt – EmergencyPreparedness@cwam-us.org
Colorado EMK: Sarah Saxe – emkCO@cwam-us.org
Wyoming EMK:  Sarah SaxeemkWY@cwam-us.org
Grants Co-Chair: Brooke Rohde – Grants@cwam-us.org
Grants Co-Chair: Anne Amati – Grants@cwam-us.org

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