2009 – 2010 CWAM Board

Executive Team
Chair: Bob Hartzell
Vice Chair: Andrea Miller
Treasurer: Michelle Bahe
Secretary: Christina Cain

Administrative Team
Nominations Chair: Jenny Hankinson
Historian/Archivist: Erik Mason
Membership Chair: Alison Salutz
Colorado State Representative: Sarah Baie
Wyoming State Representative: Cathy Osterman

Annual Meeting Team
Annual Meeting Chair: Betsy Martinson
2011 Program Committee Chair: Nathan Doerr
2011 Local Arrangements: Jan Postler
Scholarships: Fay Bisbee
Grants Chair: Maria Sanchez-Kennedy

Communications and Marketing Team
Communications and Marketing Team Leader: Nathan Doerr
Website Chair: Andine Hennig
Marketing Chair: Karen McMahon
Museum Guide Chair: Karen McMahon
Colorado Tourism: Karen Mahon
Wyoming Tourism: Sonny Reisch
Publications Chair: Andine Hennig
Newsletter Editor: Meghan McGinnes

Professional Development Team
Professional Development Team Lead: Juti Winchester
Workshop Chair: Kerri Atter
Workshop Co-Chair: Beverly Perkins
Academic Liaison: Rebecca Hunt

Services Team
Programs/Services Team Leader: Erica Garcia Lloyd
Co-Op/Purchasing Chair: David Ryan
Museum Assistance and Services Team: Carl Patterson
Wyoming EMK: JP Cavigelli
Colorado EMK: Kat Neilson
Colorado Connecting to Collections: Laura Douglas
Wyoming Connecting to Collections: Beverly Perkins

State Issues
State Issues Team Lead: Vacant
Colorado Legislative Chair: Andrea Miller
Wyoming Legislative Chair: Tina Hill