April 14, Saturday

  • 7am: Morning Runners’ Group
  • 9-12am: Workshops at Radisson
    • Teton Room
      One Object, Many Stories

      Many small museums also have small or limited collections that often lead their educators to think that they are limited in their interpretation opportunities. This is not so! This workshop will focus specifically on the many educational possibilities that can be achieved through thinking cross-curricularly about objects and creating lessons that combine different disciplines such as history and science or art and math.

      Presented by Laura Browarny, Museum Program Coordinator at Town of Windsor Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture

    • Rawhide Room
      Plains to Peaks Collective:  Increasing access to your unique heritage through the Digital Public Library of America

      The Colorado State Library in collaboration with the Wyoming State Library, has created the Plains to Peaks Collective (PPC), the Colorado and Wyoming Service Hub of the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). The DPLA is an online portal that brings together collection information from libraries, archives and museums from around the United States and makes it freely available to the world, providing you the opportunity to give your institution’s unique digital collections national exposure. Join us for this workshop and learn more about the Plains to Peaks Collective (PPC), how you can participate in this initiative, and what it can do for your institution by showcasing its unique digital collections to a larger audience.


      Presented by Leigh Jeremias, Digital Collections Coordinator at the Colorado State Library, and Britt Scholnick, Associate Collections Manager/Registrar at the CU Art Museum/Visual Art Complex

    • Sheridan/Saratoga Room
      Adventures in Mountmaking 

      Want to brush up on your collections mountmaking skills? Look no further! This workshop will focus on advocating for the safety of collections using best museum practices and archival methods for rehousing, including budget-friendly mounts and storage options. There will be hands-on practice for two types of storage mounts—bring a tchotchke to pack! Finally, we encourage attendees to bring photos from their own collections so we can give the most applicable advice possible.

      Presented by Juhl Wojahn, Associate Collections Manager at the Denver Art Museum, and Stefani Pendergast, Assistant Collections Manager at the Denver Art Museum.

  • 12-2: Lunch on Your Own
  • 2:00-5:00: Workshops at Radisson
    • Teton RoomVolunteers as Content and Audience Experts

      The American Museum of Western Art has recently been inspired to recruit our volunteers as content experts! Whether they’ve been with us since our founding or a recent addition, we have discovered that our volunteers are passionate, knowledgeable, and excited to share their expertise with visitors and staff.

      While recruiting and training volunteers can take time, energy, and maintenance, we have discovered that by setting up boundaries and laying out a clear observation and survey process, we can use their skillsets and feedback from their interactions with visitors to create improved training materials and in-gallery interpretation.

      Workshop attendees will be invited to discuss with the group, voice their own challenges or concerns in dealing with volunteer corps, and will be offered the time, space, and support to draft their own observation forms and volunteer surveys.

      Presented by Kristin Fong, Deputy Director and Museum Educator at the American Museum of Western Art—The Anschutz Collection.

    • Rawhide Room
      You’re Hired! Tips and Skills to Land Your Next Job

      You’re hired! Getting a job, let alone an interview, is an age-old challenge, faced by individuals entering the museum field all the way to seasoned professionals. Learn practical tips to polish your resume and cover letter to get a seat at the interview table. Then, learn important life skills for when you do hit that interview table. Bring a resume and cover letter to the conference if you would like personalized feedback.

      Presented by Caitlin Rumery, Contract Registrar at the Denver Art Museum, Anne Amati, Registrar/NAGPRA Coordinator at the University of Denver Museum of Anthropology, and Leslie Olsson, Benefits Administrator at the Denver Art Museum.

    • Sheridan/Saratoga Room
      Exhibit Design 101

      Exhibits are the bread and butter of museums of all sizes and disciplines. They are the basic way museums transmit information to visitors. This workshop will share some basic exhibit design and layout techniques to help your museums shine, as well as, introduce you to Scalar, which is a dynamic user-driven platform geared towards creating digital exhibits that encourages connections between seemingly disparate ideas—a key tool for any historian!

      Presented by John Woodard, Museum Director at Sheridan County Historical Society & Museum, Brian Briggs, Curator of Exhibits at Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, Kimberly Selinske, Graduate Student at Colorado State University, and Carly Boerrigter, Graduate Student at Colorado State University.

  • 5:30-8pm: BBQ at Cheyenne Frontiers Day Museum